Large Damascus Lock Back Folders

Custom Skinner with 5 1/2 in. stainless blade and guard. The handle is made from a customer provided atypical while tailed deer antler. The end can is antiqued brass with sterling silver stars.

Customized Case folder w/ file work &cactus 

Copper frame damascus folder w/ fossil teeth

Mesquite & turquoise

Cactus scales trimmed w/ elk tooth inlaid into black palm

Damascus Folder made with a 20,000 year old Dire Wolf fang inlaid into black palm wood. I used a diamond saw to slice the fang through its length so that both sides would be matched.  

The emblem of the wolf howling at the moon and the wire rope are made of sterling silver. The bolster and liners are made of antiqued nickel silver. The blade is high carbon damascus steel.

The wolf fang was discovered by an acquaintance of mine in Alaska.

Bowie Knife

1/2 in. high carbon steel damascus blade. The handle was made from the customer's beautiful block of marbled  Italian walnut. He was making a matching gun stock.

The knife features a nickel silver guard and butt plate topped with a sterling silver  buffalo cap.

Blue Mesa Blades

Mastodon ivory - sterling stars in bolsters & locking bar

Fossil Folders

I made these knife scales utilizing  the roots of  the teeth and  sections of large vertebrae from 50-million year-old  marine fossils that were found by a friend on the Sulphur River in northeast‚Äč Texas.

The rare jaw fragments are from a 25 foot fossil fish, (Xiphactinus.)  I used a diamond saw to cut just below the gum line of the jaw to expose the beautiful roots of its teeth.

The trapper at the bottom right is made from a section of a Mosasaur vertebrae.


Custom Bowies 

Manzanillo root  & antler.

Folder w/caribou antler &  abalone