Medium Lock Back Folders in Cactus and Mesquite

Mickey Kaehr Texas Knife-maker

Many years ago I began making knives for my own use and as gifts for my relatives. The early ones were made using high carbon steel blades with mule deer antler grips. Some were decorated with sterling and turquoise inlay.

While I have been a lifelong craftsman and artist, I spent my working career as an engineer. The education and practical experience has given me the background and understanding of materials that I use today create these highly collectible knives.

The idea to use Cholla Cactus wood for the handles came from a friend of mine who was using the wood to make small picture frames. His father-in-law owned a ranch in West Texas with an ample supply of the material. After discovering how tough and beautiful the finished wood can be, I tried using it as the handle material on a letter opener that I was making as a gift for my brother. It turned out very well so I next tried to make a hunting knife with the cactus wood trimmed with desert iron wood. It was beautiful! That encouraged me to experiment further and refine my techniques as well as experiment with other native Texas woods such as mesquite and bodark. 

For the past fifteen years I have been making knives full

time. I think you will be pleased with my unique designs and craftsmanship. These knives are one-of-a-kind  pieces of functional art that you can treasure for a lifetime

Mickey Kaehr


Cholla Cactus in the Texas Panhandle

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Custom Knifes of the Southwest​

Having grown up in the Southwestern United States, my knife designs reflect the influence of the Old West. I use the finest steels, western decorations and native material in the construction. The natural Cholla Cactus wood  was collected in the high plains of West Texas. The mesquite and other exotic Texas woods are found in the the southwest and central areas of Texas.

The knives I make can be grouped into three major categories:  Hunters, Folders, Bowies and other items including letter openers, money clips, etc. I also make special custom one-of-a-kind knives built to customer specifications and  of my own designs.
Each of my knives is a custom design  featuring the finest materials and craftsmanship. Fixed blade knives come with hand made sheaths that are are individually fitted by me and hand stitched by my wife.